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2013 holds some significant changes in kitchen trends. One of which is flooring. In the past it has been a sign of opulence to have a fully tiled kitchen. Nice ceramic or custom clay tile was chic. That view has changed, as we all knew it would. It has however, changed to hardwood. This is an odd choice for kitchens when other more durable materials, that are also easier to keep clean, are available. Hardwood, not laminate, is the choice for 2013. It doesn’t matter what color or shade, so long as it is hardwood.For a long time large, square cornered, matching appliances have been the trend. Recently, companies have been offering appliances that are inset with your cupboards. The microwave oven has long been the sole advocate for the built in, or in its particular case, the built under appliance. Now however, it is popular to have ovens and refrigerators built into the cabinetry as well. A more recent development is to have the stove top inset into a counter top or into the center island. And the absolute most recent addition to built in appliances, is the under counter coffee maker. This is popular with those keeping with the trend of reducing counter top clutter.Speaking of counter tops, they are also seeing a makeover. Thin back splashes are giving way to backslashes that cover from the counter to the cupboards. When it comes to back-splash material anything is alright so long as it matches, or contrasts your counters. In 2013 trendy counters are made of quartz or some other natural stone. Natural stone is expensive and it is also porous, which means that it absorbs all sorts of nasty stuff. Concrete however, is also trendy this year, and concrete can be made in all sorts of stylish colors. Of course if you want stone but don’t really want the bother of it, then synthetic stone can help you attain trendy without the fuss.

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Also popular now with appliances is a retro look. Many large appliances are being built with a 1950’s style. The edges are rounded, chrome is making a comeback and loud colors are also making a reappearance. Although changing to this new retro style kitchen is not required, what is almost required for a trendy kitchen, is that all new appliances are more energy efficient than their predecessors. It is also good to change out your older water fixtures, sinks, water heaters and toilets to water conservative styles. It is very trendy to be seen to go green.

Neutral colors are no longer the way to go. Colors that scream individuality are in. Also on the way out are center islands that serve no true purpose, in favor of more open and cook friendly kitchens. Finally, if you want to avoid the ever changing trends, the one sure way of doing so is to have the white and chrome kitchen. Classic clean sharp lines done in these colors, are always trendy.

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