How to Choose the Right Wholesale Kitchen Hardware for Your Home

When shopping for wholesale kitchen hardware consider factors such as finish type, size, shape material type & price before making any purchases.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Kitchen Hardware for Your Home

Whether you're looking to update your cabinets or give your kitchen a new look, there are plenty of cabinet hardware options to choose from. Cabinet hardware includes knobs, handles, and hinges that attach to both cabinets and drawers. The main purpose of cabinet hardware is to allow you to open the cabinet doors and drawers, but it also helps define the design style of your home. When selecting cabinet hardware, keep in mind that finishes can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In my experience, bronze rubbed with oil varies the most. The product in the photo (left) looks almost black; however, bronze rubbed with oil sometimes has a more oxidized color. When I say hardware finishes, I'm referring to cabinet hardware (obviously), cabinet hinges, lamps, and sink accessories. The overall design style of your home influences the size of the hardware you should choose.

A long pull (~ 9 +) provides a contemporary look, while a medium length pull (~ 5) is more transitory or traditional. Choose a pull style (and size) and a knob style (and size). The knobs and handles you choose should complement each other (i.e., I wouldn't mix a contemporary bar handle with a traditional handle). If you are going to mix and match, I recommend that you use knobs (or handles) on all drawers (or cabinets) or vice versa.

Create a coherent combination of your hardware (in other words, a coherent pattern). In this post, we covered what are cabinet accessories, how to choose the best style, finish, and size of hardware for your home, and we answered the question: “Can cabinet accessories be mixed?” When making a decision, keep in mind that the accessories in your cabinet are closely related to the overall design style of your home. In an open-concept home, should the door knobs in the living room or kitchen match? Is it a bad idea to buy accessories before choosing and buying my kitchen cabinets? What do you recommend putting cookies, spices and trash bins on the baking sheet? They look like doors, but I'm worried that a knob isn't strong enough. Can you tell me the metal used in your cabinets (polished, satin, brushed)? Did you use the same metal for your door hardware? I have a pantry door in my kitchen.

It really depends on the location of the “fake” drawer or cabinet. If it looks like it should be a cabinet or drawer that works, then I would put accessories on it (with a knob or a handle). Should your hardware match your lamps? I prefer that all my accessories match (lamps, cabinet hardware, door hardware, etc.). However, you can certainly diversify and make your lamps have a different finish than your cabinet accessories.

I just wouldn't mix more than two hardware finishes in one room. I really like the hardware you show on the white kitchen cabinets. Do they come in old bronze (oil bronze)? And if so, where can I buy them? How much? And if not, what would you recommend that would be similar for a traditional kitchen? My jerks are just under 7.5″. I have 83-year-old hands which don't always work well. I want to use handles in my freshly painted kitchen but I'm wondering if I can use handles on both the drawers and the doors.

Does it look like it has too many handles? 11 drawers and 22 doors. There are plenty of incredible hardware deals on Amazon from all types of vendors. You can often find the exact same cheaper hardware there as in retail stores. It's fantastic to help small businesses whenever possible and Etsy is one of those resources where you can buy truly unique hardware from artists, artisans and even collectors to get authentic vintage pieces. CB2 is an excellent mid-range hardware resource that includes many games suitable for taking the guesswork out of choosing kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. Sometimes it's hard to buy accessories in bulk in these places but if you only need 2 or 4 matching drawer handles for a nightstand or dressing table I always see nice ones here at discounts. I rounded up a bunch of my favorite Amazon recommendations for designer furniture hardware that are looking for less to help you narrow down the overwhelming selection that exists. My favorites are Hobby Lobby and Anthro for hardware.

Rejuvenation is well known for its beautiful cabinet. When shopping for wholesale kitchen hardware, it's important to consider both style and function. You want something that will look great in your home while also being easy to use and durable enough to last for years. Consider factors such as finish type, size, shape, material type, and price when making your selection. Additionally, make sure that any pieces you purchase will fit properly with existing cabinetry or drawers. When shopping online for wholesale kitchen hardware, be sure to read customer reviews before making any purchases.

This will help ensure that you're getting quality products at reasonable prices from reputable vendors. Finally, don't forget about installation when selecting wholesale kitchen hardware. Many pieces require special tools or expertise for proper installation so make sure you have access to these resources before making any purchases. Choosing wholesale kitchen hardware doesn't have to be difficult if you know what factors to consider before making any purchases. With careful consideration of style, function, price, installation requirements and customer reviews you can find quality pieces at reasonable prices that will last for years.

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